We are Cebu-based bloggers working digitally and blogging responsibly for SOCIAL GOOD.










Cebu Blogging Community (CBC) is a community-driven group formed to unite bloggers in Cebu under a collective purpose.

CBC aims to establish camaraderie among bloggers, improve blogging skills of members, and provide support to bloggers aspiring to reach the top of their respective niches. The community embraces social responsibility by providing great content that promotes social awareness.


Become a Digital Influencer!


Hone Your Craft

We are a collaborative community that aims to provide support and guidance to members. CBC offers blogging and social media mentorship and trainings to develop newbie bloggers into digital influencers.

Responsible Digital Influencers

We are a group that encourages members to become digital influencers. And we are proud that most of us have gained the required knowledge and expertise to be the influencers in Digital Cebu. But we still adhere to social good accountability as influencers.

No Membership Fee

We are open to newbie bloggers who want to develop their craft and people who are passionate to become digital influencers. What is awesome about it is there is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE.

Social Good Ambassadors

We are a trusted online media arm of Philippine Information Agency for Cebu's social good related events.

CBC Founders and Leads

The Active Digital Influencers of the Blogging Community

Ruben Licera, Jr.

Founder, Blog Father

He is working on special projects for the community to provide more opportunities for bloggers of Cebu.

Ruben aims for a more a more vibrant digital community in southern Philippines through blogging and social media.

Ruben is the founder and Chief eStrategist of eStratmedia, a 360 Digital Marketing Company in Cebu.

He blogs at www.rubenlicera.com.

Bjornson Bernales

Co-Founder, Lead for Networks and Linkages

He is the go-to guy for linking the community with organizations and businesses, for partnership and sponsorship.

He is the Chief Storyteller of Escooped.com and blogs at www.bjornbernales.com.

Channel Marie Imperial

Co-Founder, Lead for Mentorship

Channel is a proactive lead who has the passion to develop newblie bloggers into digital influencers.

She is known as the "Pasalubong Queen" of Cebu blogosphere as she blogs her travel accounts and delicacies atwww.channelmarie.com.

She is the social media director of eStratmedia, a 360 Digital marketing firm in Cebu.

Iren Sangre-Licera

Co-founder, Resource Mobilization Lead

Iren is the heart of the community. As one of its first front runner during the community's early stages, she ensures that we have resources before we need it.

She is currently a full-time Chief Operations Officer of eSTRATmedia.com and handles the full digital engagements of the organization.

She blogs at www.ESCooped.com and www.RealPINAS.com.

Mary Narvasa


Mary is one of the people behind the successes of the community in its infancy. Her fluency in operations and management lead to the organization of key processes and operations of the group.

Mary is a Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire and the travel blogger behind www.twowaytravels.com and www.marynarvasa.com

(Member from June 2014 to March 2016)

Gay Aida Dumaguing


Gay is "literally" always Gay. First tasked to manage the Ethics and Policy management of the organization, she has always been a guiding pillar of the community.

She is a travel ambassador of WithLocal.com and blogs about travel and tech via exoticphilippines.info and www.bloggertech.com, respectively.